Mancino Vermouth




Mancino Vermouth


Giancarlo Mancino

Country of origin

Italy – Asti- Piedmont 



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Vero Aperitivo Italiano

Tipo 1900 Da Giancarlo Mancino

Brand Range

Mancino Secco-Mancino Bianco

Ambrato-Mancino Rosso


Chinato-Mancino Vecchio (Aged 1 Year)

Varietal: Secco

Flavour profile: Clear and super dry, full nose of Mediterranean herbs.

Wine: Trebbiano di Romagna

Lead aromatics: Lemon Grass, Dog Rose, Marjoram, Cardamom, Wormwood

Wood treatment: none

ABV: 18%

Sugar: 25 grams per litre

Varietal: Bianco Ambrato

Flavour profile: Slightly amber hue, Floral Alpine, very reach of quinine presence

Wine: Trebbiano di Romagna

Lead aromatics: Chamomile, Ginger, Aloe Vera, Wormwood, Grapefruit, Liquorice, Cinchona, Elderflower, Mint

Wood treatment: none

ABV: 16%

Sugar: 200 grams per litre

Varietal: Rosso Amaranto

Flavour profile: Dark imperial amaranth red, remarkably balanced with a bitter sweet medicinal root finish 

Wine: Trebbiano di Romagna

Lead aromatics: Vanilla, Rhubarb, Italian junipers, Orange, Toasted wood, Angostura, Cinnamon, Cloves, Dark Chocolate.

Wood treatment: none

ABV: 16%

Sugar: 180 grams per litre

Varietal: Vermouth Chinato

Wine: 100% Barbera d’asti 

Lead aromatics: Giancarlo’s hybrid of the three Mancino Vermouths, Secco, Bianco and Rosso centered on Erede di Chiappone Armando Barbera d’Asti D.O.C.G, with added pure quinine bark Calissaja, has roused a new tier of Vermouth.

With the instinctive grand recognition of Mancino, it lingers on a rich, deep, red, bitter wine pallet, tailoring the Chinato a notable digestive/aperitif.

Serve chilled or warmed.

Wood treatment: none

ABV: 17.5%

Sugar: 180 grams per litre



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