OSCAR.697 The Contemporary Vermouth


Stefano Di Dio

Country of origin





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We want to represent and showcase the “Made in Italy” of the third millenium all around the world.

Brand Range

Sweet Red, Sweet White and Extra Dry

Varietal: Extra Dry

Flavour profile: Wild Fennel and Dog Rose to create a floral bouquet without having an invasive dryness sensation. Oak Infusion to create roundness and goldish colour without increasing the sweetness.

Wine: Trebbiano di Romagna

Lead aromatics: Wild Fennel, Dog Rose and Oak infusion

Wood treatment: - No

ABV: 18% Vol

Sugar: 2.5%

Varietal: White

Flavour profile: Bergamot to improve freshness instead of Lemon or other Critical botanicals traditionally used.

Elderflower to make it more gentle and rounded. Yarrow Muscat and Black Pepper as finishings to create an interesting bitter sweet symphony in your mouth.

Wine: Trebbiano di Romagna

Lead aromatics: Bergamot, Elderflower Yarrow Muscat and Black Pepper

Wood treatment: - No

ABV: 16% Vol

Sugar: 14%

Varietal: Red

Flavour profile: Rhubarb in your mouth to enhance and fulfill the herbal notes in combination with Wormwood. Licorice instead of China to improve the mixability and not stopping the drinkability of the Vermouth. Natural Caramel to colour the liquid instead of Artificial Caramel to add a sweeter note and to cut the alcoholic strength of the liquid.

Wine: Trebbiano di Romagna

Lead aromatics: Wormwood, Rhubarb, Licorice and Natural Caramel

Wood treatment: - No

ABV: 16% Vol

Sugar: 14%


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