Turin Vermouth




Turin Vermouth


Giovanni Negro

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Our Vision is bringing back inside the walls of Torino the production of his artisanal vermouth family receipe and, furthermore, we aim to spread the Aperitivo tradition all over the World.

Varietal: Dry

Flavour profile: A dry vermouth of exceptional quality and refined organoleptic characteristics achieved through the harmonization of a selection of fi ne wines, fortified with alcohol, sweetened with sugar and reinvigorated with

a select blend of herbs and spices. An intense, lingering taste with fresh, fruity characteristics.

This dry vermouth is extremely complex yet pleasing and elegant with notes of Iris Florentina and bitter orange.

Wine: Trebbiano

Lead aromatics: Artemisia absinthium, Bitter Orange, Iris Florentina, Salvia Sclarea, Clove, Blessed Thistle.

Wood treatment: -

ABV: 18% Vol

Sugar: 40gr x litre

Varietal: White

Flavour profile: It is a sweet vermouth, fresh, soft, delicate but strong in character, which exalts the perfect

harmony of intense and enveloping flavors, making its taste rich and complex.

Wine: Trebbiano

Lead aromatics: Artemisia absinthium, Salvia Sclarea, Clove, Blessed Thistle.

Wood treatment: -

ABV: 16% Vol

Sugar: 150gr x litre